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Foxee is one of the leading Trading companies in the emerging Financial Era. Ruby is an Trading company, whose tea working on making money from the volatility of Trade & it's products and offer unbeatable, great returns to our clients.

Foxee Is a highly driven and dedicated organization with Trading as a basic asset. We work for individual and company growth with lots of effort. Foxee has enough experience in the Trading & Financial industry. Our team has highly qualified professionals with over 20 years of experience in Trading & Financial management. Trading investment is the safest and stable short & long-term investment as you earn your passive income.

We develops, implement effective Trading procedures with the best plans. We are India’s one of the best and largest Trading Financial-based companies. Our goal is to accomplish high quality yield through Trade. For many years we have been contributing our best innovations, methods and time to produce high- standard income to our customers. 

Foxee has become a Financial community including large scale and small scale investors all over India. We have created a reliable market with high quality trades that are produced by our Financial advisor. We are updated with the latest technological machines and advanced equipment that is required for any Trading.

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Our expertise is backed by core principles, values and virtues that leverages Income & business.


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The Trading sector is one of the biggest sectors that contributes a lot to the country’s GDP. This helps us in growing with the community and society. In Trading, we need a little more work force that creates the employment in the sector that leads to community development. The development that occurs by us will definitely bring out self-satisfaction. As Foxee produces the best healthy yield, we love to distribute the surplus all over the world.